have an exciting new Intergenerational Mentoring Peer Project about to start in High Wycombe and its surrounding areas.


The emotional well-being of children and young people is extremely important and sometimes all they need is someone they can connect with and help support them in various aspects of their lives.


With a combination of diversionary activities, holistic and practical support activities through the offering of 1:1 mentoring and group support to individuals, they in turn will build their confidence, sell-esteem, qualifications, life management skills and networks necessary to make lasting positive changes. 


This project can be used as a form of early intervention and a source of 'bridging gaps', helping to raise potential, social interaction, behaviour management and attention along with academic performance and standards. 

Our Objectives:

The project caters for children & young people, age 7-19 years old. The overall aim is helping to:
 Reduce those involved in crime, anti-social behavior
 At risk of educational disengagement
 Those needing extra support
 Those that may be deemed disadvantaged
 Those at risk of succeeding in school, work and life
 Increase self-esteem, improve health outcomes, reduce isolation, increase academic achievement and improve social emotional skills.

All mentees will have the opportunity to engage in specific case based activities such as:

  • Personal development skills; Resilience, confidence, health & nutrition, growth mindset

  • Career assessments

  • Visits to potential employers, schools, colleges or universities

  • completing application forms.Employability skill development; Practice interviews, CV writing, job searching and

  • Social development skills; leisure activities, eating out, culture and arts

If you have or know of any children or young people that would benefit from having a mentor, simply complete our online referral form today!

'Mentoring is a great way of providing children and young people with tools to help them reach their full potential and offer opportunities never considered or explored before'.                      Parent 2017


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